Important News Regarding Audible Author Services

On June 30, the $1 honoraria benefit of the Author Services program will be ending. We thank all of our authors for their participation in Author Services to date, and we are particularly grateful for your feedback over the life of the program. Thanks to your insights, we've been able to launch new programs and features to better support all authors, including a sales dashboard for authors who make their titles available through and distribution of free author copies of your audiobooks as they are released. Most importantly, together with you, we've created awareness for your audiobooks.

To continue to maximize your earnings from your audiobooks, we encourage you to continue to promote the format and to make sure all of your books - frontlist and backlist - are available at Audible as audiobooks. If you need help producing your work in audio, please explore ACX (, where thousands of authors have linked up with actors and studios to get their books into the audiobook format. And when you produce an audiobook on ACX, you get access to a sales dashboard that's updated daily, high per-unit royalties, bonus bounty payments, and so much more.

For authors currently enrolled in Author Services, you will receive your final quarterly $1 honoraria report and check for April 1 - June 30 2013 in late August. For support, please email

And please stay tuned. We are hard at work developing other innovative author-focused programs to help authors grow their listening audience and earn even more from their audiobooks.