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Production Stipends

To encourage Producers to try our innovative Royalty Share option, ACX offers a bonus payment we call “Stipends” on select titles. The Stipend is paid by Audible to producers after completion of a qualifying title, and is in addition to the royalties Producers earn from audiobook sales. Titles with a Stipend are indicated by a green “+Stipend” banner on the title’s profile page, visible to all ACX Producers who are logged-in to the ACX website, as well as the title’s rights holder.

How It Works

ACX employs an algorithm to determine which titles are eligible for a production Stipend. The algorithm looks at factors including past print and eBook sales of a title, recent sales velocity, user reviews, date of first publication, genre, and estimated running time (on ACX, longer is better) to determine eligibility. Only titles that are posted and accepting auditions are considered for inclusion in the Stipend program. We reserve the right to change a title's stipend eligibility at any time.

The Stipend offer varies. The current offer, which expires on June 30th, 2014 is $100 per-finished-hour, up to a maximum of $2500. The producer should invoice ACX after the production is approved (by both the rights holder and ACX) for the Stipend titles that he or she produced.

Please note: to qualify for payment, titles must be completed and approved by the rights holder within 60 days of the producer’s acceptance of the offer. Be sure to consider this when agreeing on due dates in the ACX click agreement.

Please see the full terms and conditions for the Stipend Program.

The process is seamless and entirely cost-free for rights holders. Within a week of a Royalty Share title being posted on the ACX website, it is reviewed for inclusion in this Stipend program by ACX. We advise rights holders to include a marketing plan in the “Comments” section of the title’s profile, as we believe this can help draw interest from potential producers.

If a title is made eligible for a Stipend, the rights holder is notified via email, and when logged into an ACX account, rights holders will see a green “+Stipend” banner on the title’s profile page.

I'm a rights holder, what does this mean to me? I'm a producer, what does this mean to me?
  1. Only titles posted and accepting auditions are considered for Stipend eligibility.
  3. Stipends are paid by ACX/Audible, not you!
  5. Stipends are only valid on Royalty Share projects.
  7. In order to qualify for a Stipend payment, titles must be completed and approved by you within 60 days of the producer’s acceptance of the offer
  9. Remember that by participating in Royalty Share deal, you earn only half of the monies you would versus a Pay for Production deal.  For that reason, you may actually net more money by making a standard Pay-for-Production offer to your producer of choice.
  1. ACX/Audible will pay you a per-finished-hour fee in addition to the royalties you earn from sales.
  3. That's right, we pay you this Stipend, not the rights holder.
  5. Titles are selected for stipend-eligibility because they have especially strong sales potential to audiobook customers.
  7. All ACX Producers are eligible for this $100 per-finished-hour stipend [PDF Download]
  9. To qualify for payment, titles must be completed and approved by the rights holder within 60 days of your acceptance of the offer.

Please read the Full Terms and Conditions PDF for full details

Below is how you can easily get started today:

  1. Log in as a Producer (i.e. narrator or studio professional) to ACX. Choose any book being offered as a Royalty Share deal that has the Stipend-eligible flag associated to it.
  2. Submit your best audition.
  3. If you get a Royalty Share offer on one (or more) of these titles, accept the offer. In accordance with our current offer, you can receive up to 15 Stipends.
  4. The audiobook production that you complete must be approved by the Rights Holder on ACX within 60 days of the original acceptance of the offer
  5. Upon your completion and approval of the audiobook, download and fill-out this invoice template.  Submit your invoice to
  6. We will double-check your audiobook and invoice, then pay you the Stipend (e.g. $1,000 for a 10-hour audiobook), up to a maximum of $2500 per audiobook.
  7. In addition to the Stipend you’ll receive, you also earn half of the royalty on each sale of the audiobook (25% for non-exclusively distributed titles or 40% for exclusively distributed titles as outlined here).
  8. And you earn half of any $50 Bounty generated by downloads of the audiobook, as outlined here.