Redneck Boy in the Promised Land: The Confessions of "Crazy Cooter"

Redneck Boy in the Promised Land: The Confessions of "Crazy Cooter"

By Ben Jones

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Redneck Boy in the Promised Land is Ben Jones's hilarious, uplifting life story of escaping the rail yards and finding success in the unlikeliest places. As a child, Jones called a dingy railroad shack with no electricity or indoor plumbing home. An unabashed Southern redneck from a "likker drinkin', hell-raisin'" family, Jones grew up in the depressed railroad docks outside of...

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 May 03 2011
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4.7 (12 ratings)

Comments from the Rights Holder:

Jones' "good-ol'boy" charm shines right through the text. His writing reflects his likeable character, while his remarkable stories will turn every reader into an admirer and a friend. This fresh, intriguing memoir reveals all about his journey: from the embarrassments to the honors, and the struggles to his ultimate success.

Ben Jones played "Cooter," the amiable sidekick mechanic on the mega-hit television classic The Dukes of Hazzard. The show aired on primetime television for seven years, but its popularity has extended far beyond its initial run. Millions and fans have kept the show alive for nearly thirty years.

Jones and his wife, Alma Viator, are the proprietors of the popular
"Cooter's Place," the "Dukes of Hazzard" museum and shop in Gatlinburg
and Nashville, Tennessee. They also produce "Dukesfest," a huge annual
gathering of "Dukes" fans in Nashville, TN at The Music City Motorplex
and State Fair Grounds.

Jones was also a Congressman from Georgia for two terms and a popular figure on the Washington scene. He has appeared with regularity in: The New York Times; People; CNN's Crossfire; Hardball with Chris Matthews; The O'Reilly Factor; and Scarborough Country.  

“Best known as Cooter, the good ol' boy mechanic on The Dukes of Hazzard …. [Jones] engagingly zips through his destitute boyhood in the segregated South and his days as an alcoholic civil rights activist [and] recounts his transformation from boozin', brawlin' womanizer to successful actor to two-term Democratic congressman from Georgia.”
-Entertainment Weekly

“Growing up in Georgia, 'Cooter' was one of my heroes. I'm not sure, but I think it was required by law. Who would have thought that one day I would actually come to know Ben Jones, and, in knowing him, find that he remains one of my heroes. You'll understand why when you read this book. Ben Jones is nothing less than a great American.”
-Jeff Foxworthy, author of Jeff Foxworthy's Redneck Dictionary

"Ben Jones and I go way back, before anyone called him "Cooter" or "Congressman". He always told the truth. A little on the slant, maybe, which only made it more interesting. And like the wildboy I knew then, his book, Redneck Boy in the Promised Land, is gutsy, funny, and good-hearted. And definitely reader-friendly."
-Russell Banks, author of The Reserve

“This modern-day Will Rogers writes with a mix of humor, pathos, and passion in a rip-roarin' book with a down-home flavor.”
-Publishers Weekly

“A warm, witty portrait of a quietly extraordinary American life.”

Author Bio: Ben Jones played the memorable "Crazy Cooter" character on the popular television show The Dukes of Hazzard and was elected to serve two terms in the United States Congress from the Fourth District of Georgia. He and his wife are proprietors of the "Cooter's Place" museums and shops in Virginia and Tennessee and started the "DukesFest" celebration held annually in Nashville.