The Greenstone Grail

The Greenstone Grail

By Amanda Hemingway

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14.2 hours

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 $200-$400 PFH

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Bartlemy Goodman is approximately 1500 years old. An albino of Greek parentage, he was born in Byzantium during the decline of the Roman Empire-- and now resides at Thornyhill house in England, with his dog, Hoover. Bartlemy is one of the Gifted. But experience has taught him the perils of the power of the witch-kind, and so through the ages he has channeled his considerable talents into cooking,...

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  Science Fiction & Fantasy
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  British-General British
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 Dec 20 2011
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4.6 (18 ratings)

Comments from the Rights Holder:

The Greenstone Grail is the first novel in a new trilogy, a coming-of-age story tied to the lost Grail myth. It's also a book for young adults and older readers alike--one part science fiction, four parts fantasy, and can be read on many levels. The latest wave in popular fantasy involves stories about young people that can be enjoyed by young adult and older readers alike. Like Phillip Pullman, Garth Nix, J.K. Rowling, and even Christopher Paolini, Amanda Hemingway weaves intricate fantasies that can be read on several levels at once.

"...the book glows with a blend of ancient magic and wide-eyed wonder that should captivate audiences on both sides of the Atlantic..." -Publisher's Weekly

"One descries in the situation of Hemingway's young Nathan resemblances to elements of the situations of a boy named Harry, some of Neil Gaiman's characters, and even Lemony Snicket. There are also notable differences, notably Nathan's mother, Annie Ward, a stronger female character than any of the authors involved in the above-mentioned contexts have yet created. She and Hemingway's folkloric expertise make it sheer good news that this book launches at least a trilogy." -Booklist

Amanda Hemingway has already lived through one lifetime--during which she traveled the world and supported herself through a variety of professions, including that of actress, barmaid, garage hand, laboratory assistant, journalist, and model. Her new life is devoted to her writing, but she also finds time to ride, ski, and attend the opera.