Under Their Thumb: How a Nice Boy from Brooklyn Got Mixed Up with the Rolling Stones (and Lived to Tell About It)

Under Their Thumb: How a Nice Boy from Brooklyn Got Mixed Up with the Rolling Stones (and Lived to Tell About It)

By Bill German

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Bill German was a fairly normal teenager growing up in Brooklyn - frustrated at girls, frustrated at school, but mostly frustrated at the poor reporting in magazines and on the radio of his favorite band, The Rolling Stones. So, on his sixteenth birthday, dressed in his pajamas, he set out to, well, set the record straight on Mick, Keith, Ron, and Charlie. Beggars Banquet started as a simple...

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 May 18 2011
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4.6 (124 ratings)

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MASSIVELY POPULAR BAND: With over 200 million albums sold worldwide, Stones' fans vary from their core audience of baby boomers to new fans from every generation.

INSIDE GOSSIP: Never before has anyone infiltrated this deep into the inner sanctum of the Stones. German dishes on how the band really operates in the everyday lives of the greatest rock 'n roll band in the world - including key details about the strained relationship between Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.

WEB PRESENCE: beggarsbanquetonline.com is the website Bill maintains, which features the history of the publication and the ability to order old issues.

RADIO PRESENCE: Previous to writing the book, German was heard on national radio on the program 'The Stones Zone,' which had a weekly audience between 40,000 and 60,000 listeners.

"SHINE A LIGHT," MARTIN SCORSESE CONCERT DOCUMENTARY: Film of 2006 Beacon Theater show described in the opening chapter of UNDER THEIR THUMB. Released in theaters April, 2008, on DVD in late 2008.

From Rolling Stone
"The hilarious and sometimes heartbreaking tale of a fan who got too close to his heroes."

From the Newark Star-Ledger
"[German's] proximity to the action makes this an essential Stones book, while his casually engaging writing style will appeal to non-fanatics as well."

From the New York Times
"Under Their Thumb offers some memorable details from the [Stones'] inner sanctum...Under Their Thumb is a story of retaining faith, of keeping a flame burning through bad records and band squabbles and even through discovering that your heroes aren't Golden Gods."

From Booklist (starred review)
"German is party to all sorts of Stones' doings, many of which are enjoyable, quite a few of which are scandalous. Great rock 'n' roll Babylon stuff."

Bill German was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1962, but his life really didn't begin until he was ten and heard "Jumping Jack Flash" blasting in his sister's bedroom. At sixteen, he launched Beggars Banquet, a fanzine about the band, which eventually became their official newsletter. He went on to write about the band in Spin and Rolling Stone, has been featured on MTV and VH1, became the Stones expert on K-Rock and appeared on many other local and national radio stations, and even co-authored Ron Wood's 1998 book, The Works. He majored in Journalism at NYU until, of course, he dropped out to tour with the Rolling Stones. German has never held a real job in his life; every dollar he's earned has come from reporting on The Rolling Stones. He refers to his Upper West Side co-op, where he currently resides, as "The House The Stones Built."