Audio Production Resources

Video Lessons & Resources

ACX requires finished retail-ready audio—rough, unedited narration won't cut it. Whether you’re new to audiobook performance or are a seasoned narrator hoping to become a more proficient producer, study up on our ACX Audio Submission Requirements, and then watch these helpful video tutorials to see exactly how to get that high-quality result. Then, visit the ACX blog for even more video instruction.

Recording and Editing

ACX can help you become more proficient at the recording process. We’ll also teach you how to polish your recordings through effective editing – which is as much an art form as a technical endeavor.

It takes practice to become truly skilled at recording and editing, but doing a great job at both will make a significant difference in your finished product.

Watch and learn about:

  • How to make basic edits
  • How to “punch” record
  • Cleaning up your recordings

Keys to editing:

  1. Listen first! Take a few minutes to sit back, close your eyes and really listen to the performance.
  2. Get familiar with keyboard shortcuts.
  3. Listen again! (This is also known as the QC stage.)