Legal Contracts

Welcome. When you sign up for a new account on ACX you are asked to click the Account Holder Agreement. When you are ready to post an audiobook project, you agree to the Book Posting Agreement. When you are ready to make an offer or accept an offer to produce an audiobook with another ACX user, you are agreeing to the Production Standard Terms. If you are producing an audiobook, you must follow the Audio Submission Requirements. Once the book is for sale on and its affiliates, you will be paid per the Payment Terms and Procedures.

When ACX users enter into an agreement to produce an audiobook, a unique and legally-binding Deal Confirmation Page will be generated for both parties. In addition to specifics about the particular project (e.g. expected length of audiobook, project due dates, exclusive vs non-exclusive retail distribution, etc.) this Deal Confirmation Page references the Production Standard Terms and Payment Terms and Procedures. By clicking to send an Offer or to accept an Offer, you will be agreeing to these particular ACX legal agreements.

ACX Legal Documents

Account Holder Agreement

Offer and Acceptance Procedures

Book Posting Agreement

Payment Terms and Procedures

Production Standard Terms

Bounty Referral Program

License and Distribution Agreement

Glossary of Terms

Conduct and Content Acceptance Guidelines

Conditions for AFTRA H&R

ACX Audio Submission Requirements

Independent Contractor Agreements

Conditions of Use

Privacy Notice

Catalog Subscription Service Agreement