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Celebrated thriller writer MJ Rose is the bestselling author of 11 novels. But until now, eight of these had been unavailable in audio. Now, ACX gives Rose an easy and cost-effective way to get those books made in audio—and expose her work to even more fans and other book- minded people.

ACX marketplace functionality allowed Rose to connect easily with talented narrators and producers to perform and produce her books. She choose between paying a one-time fee for production at market-optimized rates, or paying nothing upfront and split royalties with the producer of her audiobook. And ACX put Rose in the director’s chair: she reviewed auditions online, specifie narration requirements and interacted with narrators and producers as production progressed. And for a high-profile author like Rose, the ACX exclusive distribution model makes especially compelling financial sense.

Rose, a founding member of International Thriller Writers, is also the founder of the first marketing company for authors, AuthorBuzz.com, and she runs the popular blog, Buzz, Balls & Hype. Rose’s marketing savvy makes her a perfect fit for ACX. Rose can draw upon her social media savvy, her numerous colleagues and fans, as well as ACX sales acceleration tools, to gain further cash royalties when sales of her titles generate a new Audible member.

MJ Rose is a recognized publishing leader and innovator, so her participation in ACX bodes well for other authors and rightsholders interested in getting their books made in audio.

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