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ACX requires finished retail-ready audio—rough, unedited narration won't cut it. Whether you’re new to audiobook performance or are a seasoned narrator hoping to become a more proficient producer, study up on our ACX Audio Submission Requirements, and then watch these helpful video tutorials to see exactly how to get that high-quality result. Then, visit the ACX blog for even more video instruction.

Elements of Successful Narration

You'll find a lot of good books dedicated to the craft of audiobook performance. There are also many great schools and workshops you could attend to help you become an even better narrator. We encourage you to read and study a lot.

In the meantime, this video gives you a solid's designed to help professional actors learn about audiobook performance.

Watch and learn about:

  • Preparation tips from a veteran
  • How to create good flow
  • What if you’re the author?

Key Ingredients For Great Narration:

  1. Training
  2. Preparing well
  3. Knowing the point of departure
  4. Working at the level of the paragraph
  5. Handling characters and accents
  6. Knowing your strengths and limitations
  7. Imitating strong narrators

Helpful Documents:

Want to hear some great narrators talk about the best titles they ever voiced? Check out this great page on!

Recommended Reading

Additional Videos

Industry Veterans Discuss How to Be a Better Narrator of Audiobooks

Stefan Rudnicki and Gabrielle de Cuir of Skyboat Media, both award winning narrators, producers, and directors, lead a round table discussion with a small gathering of audiobook narrators who are relatively new to the game. This candid discussion is filled with valuable tips, tricks, and insights that narrators of any level may benefit from. With multiple Earphones Awards, Audies, and even Grammys between them, Stefan and Gabrielle have proven industry experience!