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ACX requires finished retail-ready audio—rough, unedited narration won't cut it. Whether you’re new to audiobook performance or are a seasoned narrator hoping to become a more proficient producer, study up on our ACX Audio Submission Requirements, and then watch these helpful video tutorials to see exactly how to get that high-quality result. Then, visit the ACX blog for even more video instruction.

The Basics of Recording

Make the very best recording you can the first time around. Be well prepared: Make sure you're rested, well-fed, comfortable and familiar with the material.

If you don’t get a good initial recording, you’ll have a very tough time producing a great product profitably.

Watch and learn about:

  • What to wear and eat
  • How to position yourself and the mic
  • The basics of recording with Pro Tools

Keys to a good recording:

  1. Be prepared! Know your script, get familiar with the characters, and practice pronunciations.
  2. Don’t use compressors, expanders, limiters, or gates when recording.
  3. Record “roomtone” at the start of every session. This is 15-30 seconds of “air” that you’ll use during editing.
  4. Give your files clear, explicit names.
  5. Leave cell phones outside of your booth!

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