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Stipend Program

What is the stipend program?

To encourage Producers to try our innovative Royalty Share option, ACX offers a bonus payment we call "Stipends" on select titles. The Stipend is paid by Audible to producers after completion of a qualifying title, and is in addition to the royalties Producers earn from audiobook sales.

The Stipend offer varies. The current offer, which expires on March 31, 2017 is $100 per-finished-hour, up to a maximum of $2500. The producer should invoice ACX after the production is approved (by both the rights holder and ACX) for the Stipend titles that he or she produced. See the current offer here.

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What makes a title eligible for a production stipend?

ACX employs an algorithm to determine which titles are eligible for a production Stipend. The algorithm looks at factors including past print and eBook sales of a title, recent sales velocity, user reviews, date of first publication, genre, and estimated running time (on ACX, longer is better) to determine eligibility. Only titles that are posted and accepting auditions are considered for inclusion in the Stipend program. We reserve the right to change a title's stipend eligibility at any time.

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Is my title eligible to receive a production stipend?

On ACX, you are able to check eligibility yourself if you are signed into an ACX account. If the title is indeed stipend-eligible, you will see a banner on the top right of the title profile. Simply search for your title and click on the name to see if it qualifies.

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How will I know if my project is eligible for a production stipend?

Within a week of a Royalty Share title being posted on the ACX website, it is reviewed for inclusion in this Stipend program by ACX. If a title is made eligible for a Stipend, the Rights Holder is notified via email, and when logged into an ACX account, rights holders will see a green "+Stipend" banner on the title's profile page.

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How can I receive an extension on my stipended project?

To qualify for payment, titles must be completed and approved by the rights holder within 60 days of your acceptance of the offer. However, if you are unable to complete a stipend-eligible project within 60 days due to unforseen circumstances, contact with details, and your case will be considered for extension.

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How do I submit an invoice to receive a stipend for a project I produced?

Stipend invoices may be submitted once the Rights Holder approves your production. The invoice template must be used and can be found here. The Rights Holder will not need to get in touch with ACX to signify approval. Once they approve the files, they are automatically sent to us.

  1. Download the stipend invoice template.
  2. Fill out all sections highlighted in yellow.
  3. If you're accepting the project with AFTRA Contributions, be sure to select Stipend_AFTRA from the drop-down box.
  4. Once the project has been approved by the rights holder, submit your invoice to Be sure to include:
    1. The title of the audiobook
    2. The Rights Holder's name
    3. Total number of hours of the finished audiobook

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What information is required to submit an invoice for a production stipend?

In addition to your completed invoice, please email the below information to

  • The title of the audiobook
  • The Rights Holder's name
  • Total number of hours of the finished audio

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