• Christine Maentz
  • Narrator
  • Avid reader & audiobook listener. I've been told I have a good voice to be a narrator.
  • Gender: Female
  • Location: TN, United States
  • Website:
  • Available for: $100-$200 PFH
Purple Cow

Category : Business
Language : English
Gender : Female
Accent : American-General American
Vocal Style : Articulate
Performance Notes
This sample shows a business type narration with slight intonations.

I am an articulate, sincere, empathetic, and expressive French Canadian grandmother living in East Tennessee. I'm told that I have that particular accent from "up north" but the exact location is never guessed. I'm fluent in both languages - written & spoken. I know what keeps listeners listening and what doesn't! I'm confident that I will provide an excellent finished product. If your content grabs that listener's attention, my narration will keep them listening!