Female comic mystery narration

Category : Comedy
Language : English
Gender : Female
Accent : American-Southern
Vocal Style : Comedic/great comic timing
Performance Notes
Wendy Tate arrives in Kentucky to begin her latest misadventure as a teacher-trainee at an ashram in order to procure a yoga teacher's certificate. She has misgivings from the very beginning in this tale, A Texan Goes to Nirvana, authored by this narrator.

As both a reader and writer, I understand how to internalize a book, become a character and inhabit the story that you're telling, and it IS a story that you're telling, using your fingertips on a keyboard as your brain creates the world of your book. This is your child, and not only do you think that it's the next NYT bestseller, but you are also loathed to pass off your words...the way that you've been saying them in your mind as you write...to just anyone. Please rest assured that in sharing your book with me to narrate, I will 'handle with great care' the important story that you are telling. I want your child to thrive, make friends, create a buzz, bring money back home to you, and poke its own dent in the universe! I am a baby senior, an actor, comedienne, and have also hosted online radio shows. I am...at your service.
I am a member-in-good-standing in SAG-AFTRA, having worked in a few small, independent films, also appearing in two commercials. Although I am new to narrating, I am also an author and feel very comfortable speaking the written word. My 'child' can be found on Amazon as a short comic novel, A Texan Goes to Nirvana. I have also published a yoga instructional workbook entitled, Yoga for Smokers, Drinkers, Meat-Eaters and Non-Believers...it's all in the balance. This can also be purchased on Amazon.
My novel has a small but rabid following on Amazon with some very nifty reviews.

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