The Last Summer of the Death Warriors by Francisco X. Stork

Category : Teens
Language : English
Gender : Male
Accent : American-General American
Vocal Style : Masculine
Performance Notes
Read for Insight for the Blind. There are several characters in the book, but I was especially fond of "DQ" a very ill but perceptive and intelligent boy with not long to live. The story of his friendship with Pancho - pretty much his opposite - touched me.

I have decades of experience in voicing union commercials. On camera credits include featured roles from Miami Vice to Burn Notice. I've also received South Florida Theater Critic nominations for my performances in professional (AEA) productions. Currently I'm Creative Services Director at WLYF-FM (101.5 LITE FM) in Miami, FL. I volunteer weekly at Insight for the Blind and have recorded several books and hundreds of magazine articles.
Here's an incomplete list of some of the books I've voiced: The Empty Mirror, by James Lincoln Collier The Treasure of Jericho Mountain, by Cameron Judd The Last Summer of the Death Warriors, by Francisco X. Stork The Silent Man, by Alex Berenson Time Riders, by Alex Scarrow Wounded, Vietnam to Iraq, by Donald J. Glasser, M.D. Harm, by Brian Aldiss From Lifeguard to Sun King, by Robert Bell Hey Ya! The Unauthorized Biography of Outkast, by Chris Nickson Dark Moon, and The Sun of Summer Stars, by Meredith Ann Pierce.
The most recent award was for Best Drama Special in the New York Festivals "2012 International Radio Programs and Promotions Awards". I received the Silver Trophy for my production of "Frankenstein's Demon". The program was an adaptation of Mary Shelly's "Frankenstein" I wrote, directed, and in which I performed as "The Monster". I have always wanted to share the "real" story of Frankenstein's monster as an incredibly literate and sympathetic figure rather than one who could only utter the words, "fire bad". I spent years writing and rewriting "Frankenstein's Demon" as a stage play. I put on two staged readings and found that while the play was given glowing reviews, it proved too massive a production to premiere on a South Florida stage. The Program Director at LITE FM then suggested that we produce it as a radio special for Halloween Eve. The production took almost a year to cast, direct, and produce. The result was spectacular. Being flown to NYC to accept the accolades of my peers from all over the globe was more gratifying than words can describe.