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• AUDIBLE APPROVED PRODUCER, designating a proven track record in the technical aspects of sound recording and audiobook production. This badge of distinction is earned by less than 10% of narrators. • Dedicated professional in-home studio (Studiobricks Isolation booth, Sennheiser MK4 mic, Studio One Software, etc). • Experienced in fiction, nonfiction, and medical narration. • College science degree, medical degree (MD) from Stanford University. • Professional in every aspect of production, including my interactions with you.
Recent Narrations: SIX DAYS IN SEPTEMBER - the Battle of Antietam through the eyes of the Confederates who fought it. Compelling. THE ABSOLUTION OF OTTO FINKEL - the moment of innocence lost haunts five adolescents through adulthood in WWII. Heartbreaking. SEPTEMBER MOURN - nonfiction, a history of the Dunker church at Antietam Battlefield. Informative. THE AMBER ENIGMA - a thriller that begins in the waning days of WWII and ends in modern day Moscow. HATTERAS BLUE - from the USA Today best selling author David Poyer (first of a series, more on the way!). An adventure thriller. LUSITANIA LOST - a fictional account of the last voyage of the doomed HMS Lusitania. Historical fiction. THE WIND CALLER - a top notch horror novel from PD Cacek. THE HYDE EFFECT - one of the best werewolf novels ever written. A classic by Steve Vance. THE BOTTOM OF THE 5TH - baseball novella. SAVING KING, the 64 minute struggle to save the life of Dr. Martin Luther King. - creative nonfiction with a detailed look at the care and treatment of MLK immediately following the shooting, as well as a discussion of the trauma system then and now. BLADE MAN - horror novella. Now In Progress: The novels of James A. MisKo NOT ONE AMONG THEM WHOLE - novel of the surgeons at the battle of Gettysburg. THE MATRIARCH OF RUINS - novel, sequel to NOT ONE AMONG THEM WHOLE. JUICING OUT - horror novella. MY BONDAGE AND MY FREEDOM, Frederick Douglas bio
"Mango Publishing is very lucky to have the honor of publishing legendary author Leonard Carpenter, who wrote the million-selling Conan the Barbarian series we all know and love. Therefore, we were extremely selective when choosing a narrator for his novel LUSITANIA LOST. Edison McDaniels was the only one who could bring this marvelous story to life.  He did a brilliant job. Give it a listen and you'll soon agree!" Brenda Knight Editorial Director Mango Publishing  ••• "Edison McDaniels is on his way to being one of the superstars of audiobook narration. Edison brings novels to life in a way few others can match. With attention to detail both in the narration and his interaction with the author or publisher, he delivers a first rate experience. If Edison offers to narrate your novel, stop all other auditions and sign him. We did."  Tony Acree Publisher Hydra Publications, LLC  ••• "I second Tony Acree's endorsement of Edison McDaniels. He does a great job, and I am very pleased that my novels are his first narrations for Hydra Publications." Dr. Arlan Andrews, Sr., Author of Silicon Blood and The Valley of the Shaman ••• "If you had asked me in the beginning if I would have imagined a mature, African-American voice being perfect for Joel's story, I would never have imagined it would have worked out so well. Edison's voice captured the tone of the story." Carter Bowman, Author of Part Timers ••• "Edison McDaniels' narration of my novel, SILICON BLOOD, made me feel as though I were listening to the story for the first time. His edgy presentation captures exactly the tone I intended for the near-future, dystopian, noir tale of terror, guilt, and betrayal. A great job!" Dr. Arlan Andrews Sr., Author of Silicon Blood ••• "The patina of mystery and mysticism he is able to import by voice intonation alone gives the audiobook version an added dimension of realism. Edison, you captured my intentions perfectly." Dr. Arlan Andrews Sr., Author of The Valley of the Shaman

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