Reel Audiobooks for ACX 2018. Ernesto Tissot

Category : Arts & Entertainment
Language : Spanish
Gender : Male
Accent : American-Southern
Vocal Style : Engaging
Performance Notes
Hello! Here you will hear some of my work done for ACX during 2018. All the books were read in Spanish with a neutral or Latin accent. Thanks for listening! And if you want to talk, here I am!

Hello! I am Ernesto Tissot. I've been working with my voice for many years and you know what? I love it! I am a commercial voice-over and dubbing professional, and books narrator. In addition, and one of the things I enjoy the most, I am a cartoon voice-over actor. However, if I have to act in front of cameras for cinema or publicity, I am not daunted, I've done it too! Lastly, I am a composer of folk music from Uruguay. I have a good home studio and I am 100% available, because I do not dedicate myself to anything else. I work from home and I am always online. I will be happy to help you in the production of your audiobook. Also, I tell you that I am a philosophy professor, so I have a good knowledge of the language (spanish), and I can help you to fix small errors in the translation of your book. You can learn more about me by visiting my Youtube channel. Do you want to talk about your book? I would love to hear you! Thank you for visiting my profile!
While I have been narrating books for a long time, I recently discovered ACX. I am a member of this platform since the middle of September 2018. And in this short time that I have been here (as I write this is Febrero 1) I have made 110 projects, 98 of which are already on sale in Audible. It's an impressive average, right? I believe so! And I'm so excited! Here is a sample list of some of the titles that I have read, from different genres (business, health, fiction, classics, etc.) and are available in Audible: El Mercader de Venecia, by William Shakespeare; FOTOGRAFÍA DE PAISAJES NOCTURNOS - Descubre el Arte de la Fotografía de Paisajes Nocturnos para Principiantes, by James Carren; Inteligencia Emocional en el Trabajo: Una Guía para Mejorar tus Habilidades de Sociales y Establecer Buenas Relaciones Interpersonales con tus Compañeros de Trabajo, by Lawrence Franz; Un Nuevo Comienzo (Novela Cristiana de Romance y Fantasía Una Novela del Viejo Oeste), by Kent Hamilton; Dieta Cetogénica: La Guía Completa para Principiantes: Paso a Paso para Perder Peso y Sanar su Cuerpo, by Robert Willson; Atención Plena: Una Meditación Consciente, Convirtiendo el Estrés en Paz, by Zeus Milton; Mitología Griega: Historias Clásicas de los Dioses Griegos, Diosas, Héroes y Monstruos (Mitología Clásica nº 1), by Scott Lewis; Jubilacion: Cómo lograr una jubilación anticipada y vivir sin estrés a largo plazo. Guía para jubilarse joven o antes de tiempo, by Anthony Heston; Guía para lidiar con la ansiedad y ataques de pánico: Dos libros que te ayudarán a retomar el control de tu vida, by Ed. Jones. And many more! You can see the complete list by doing a search by my name in Audible. It would be great to produce your title and put it on this list!
The biggest awards and recognitions are the words of my clients. Here some of them that I have collected in this time: "Ernesto did an excellent job for us. He was very fast and professional, I highly recommend him for anyone." 5.00 Aug 2018 "Ernesto delivers quality work, he's also serious and fast! I can only recommend him. I really enjoy to work with him." "Flexible and fast worker. Would love to work again!" "Ernesto was a pleasure to work with. Great voice, quick worker and delivers an amazing product. Hope to work together again soon!"

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