• Jacob Gilchrist
  • Narrator
  • Voice Over Artist with editing, technical production and writing experience at your command.
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: Kansas, United States
  • Website: www.linkedin.com/in/jacobgilchrist/
  • Available for: Royalty Share,Royalty Share Plus or Unspecified
British and American Vocals and Narration

Category : Travel & Tourism
Language : English
Gender : Male
Accent : British-General British
Vocal Style : Booming
Performance Notes
An American narrates a change of heart of an elderly British General thanks to his loyal friend James.

American Salesman

Category : Business & Careers
Language : English
Gender : Male
Accent : American-Urban
Vocal Style : Persuasive
Performance Notes
An American salesman lists several secrets on how to properly close a business deal.

Registered Thespian with IT experience in audio recording and production at the campus media center and at my home studio. 2018 writer of the year with degrees in psychology and geology for understanding emotional and technical scripts alike. Always available and flexible, just ask.
Live stage performances with multiple roles in "As You Like It" and "The Music Man" with lead roles in "Godspell" and "The Importance of Being Earnest" among others.
2018 Quora Writer of the Year Award