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Hello! One Question: Who do you think is best suited to narrate Kids and Teens fictions? Answer: A teen. My name is Luke Castle, I'm 16 years old and I love my job! I have signed with multiple authors and am publishing audiobook as fast as a I can this summer. My goals? simple. 1) Glorify my creator in everything that I create 2) That you come out of the deal with the highest quality audio-book that can be made out of your text. How do I do this? It's easy, I may be 16 but for the record Bach started making Music when he was 4 (just saying). I start by finding projects that truly interest me (But feel free to email me asking for a audition) then if I feel that I can create a audio-book that will be meaningful, I send off a audition. If signed I spend HOURS prepping and choosing voices for each and every character. Then comes the sample. After that I record the project, editing and submiting as I go so that you can keep track and have a listen as your book comes to life. After each chapter I can fix anything that you want changed. Thing we're done yet? (oh no) after I finish up I hit I'm done and you get to have the whole book to yourself. Listen, have changes made, whatever. I want it to be PERFECT! Then it's off to ACX and publication. Any qustions? Just shout out over ACX messaging. I respond to all messages within 24 hours. (Just ask my recent employers). I'll be there for you during the entirety of the production. So listen to that audition again, check out a few of my samples. Message me and ask for references. Or keep reading to find out about my equipment. Alternative by this time you could of decided that I am WAY to joking. In which case you would be right (if you want a narrator that does not make jokes I highly recommend someone else. But at the end of the day pick what you want. If that's me great! If not that's fine to. And most impotently audiobook production is a journey. Have fun, enjoy the process. This is a unique time of your books life. And your book is it's own creature, it deserves the voice that fits it right.
JR Thompson Author of over 20 books, Author of the Worthy Battle Series Luke Castle has truly impressed me with the narration work he did for me on both Rebuilding Alden and Redirecting Billy. His wide range of voice abilities is quite impressive. He did a fantastic job of keeping me updated as to the status of the projects he was working on and went the extra mile by offering well thought out suggestions. I have enjoyed working with Luke so much that I have agreed to allow him to narrate the entire Worthy Battle series and will be looking forward to hearing more of his work. Andy Zach Author of Zombie Turkeys and Secret Supers "I like working with you. Your fast, and correct errors quickly." "I admired how you kept the various voices separate: the fire chief, Mrs. Elanga, Cassie, Al, Sebastian. Audible Reviewer The narrator is excellent in his many voices. An actual teen narrator added realness to the story line. This is a good book for all ages because our entire family enjoy every word.
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