Colorado Monuments by Night

Category : History
Language : English
Gender : Male
Accent : American-General American
Vocal Style : Engaging
Performance Notes
A teaser from my book, Colorado Monuments by Night, displaying my ability to relate directly to the reader with a clear, authoritative, engaging style. Recorded with a Nuemann U87 for a crisp sound. Light compression using a DBX160, with breath sounds reduced manually during editing. All part of the service!

I got my first audio engineering gig when I was 11, in 1973. Since that time I've been honing my skills in every aspect of the audio business. I owned my own record label for twenty years, and in support of that label, I opened a world-class recording studio, which I still own. That gives me access to every type of microphone, outboard processing, plugin, and recording environment imaginable. I began my audiobook journey when I narrated my own book, which means I know exactly how much care is required for your work. I'll deliver the finished product for you, taking on the roles of artist, producer, and engineer. I don't have many audiobook credits just yet, so I'm willing to keep the price down at this time. I'm professional and punctual, yet easy to get along with. My goal is for us to make something we're both proud of, so let's get started!
Theatre: 1978 - A Step Back in the Future - The Unnamed, Torrey Pine Theatre, dir. Karol Sacca (Best Actor Award for A Step Back in the Future) 1980 - The Lark - Archbishop, Evergreen Theatre, dir. Neal Fox 1981 - The Music Man, Conductor, Evergreen Theatre, dir. Neal Fox AudioBooks: Colorado Monuments by Night, by Craig Patterson World War I: A Brief History for Beginners, by Kevin Arnett Films: Dumb and Dumber, Head Bellman Empired, Director and Producer Dozens of commercials, over 40 music videos.
Best Actor Award for A Step Back in the Future Outstanding Composer, Colorado Springs Video Society

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