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  • Thomas has been in the underpinnings of both the music and entertainment "biz" for three decades. He is a military historian, webmaster, blogger, songsmith, multi-instrumentalist, the founder of the the band Haunebu II, and is proficient at all aspects of audio and video production.
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: New Mexico, United States
  • Website: haunebu2.com/h2-studio-services
  • Available for: $100-$200 PFH
Thomas reads the Greek Primary Source of Caesar - The Civil Wars

Category : History
Language : English
Gender : Male
Accent : American-General American
Vocal Style : Engaging
Performance Notes
The Introduction to Book 1 of Caesar: The Civil Wars. A primary source read by Thomas Sparks Recorded and mastered at Haunebu II Studio. End segment is an iheart radio promo.

I have worked mostly in the music industry but have also done my time in L.A.over the years. I am endorsed by Brad Smith of Blind Melon on Linkedin for my songwriting efforts. Everything from radio interviews, to studio recording, to playing live shows, to recording live concerts. My band has opened for many larger acts in the industry. I have self produced four full length bodies of musical works and am working on the fifth now to be released September 1st, 2020. I have an extensive knowledge of both audio and video production. I have my own mini studio room that captures very solid and quality recordings. My voice is also great for narration projects of many genres. I am a friendly and amiable producer who is willing to put in the extra work necessary to satisfy even the most meticulous perfectionist in the audio book production process. As your go to studio producer or narrator, my job is to streamline this process to fit your budget, your schedule, and your expectations. I am aware of and can meet all the standard requirements to upload low-noise, consistent audio tracks to ACX. Plus, I can most likely do it for quite the competitive price. I look forward to working with you on your project, Thomas
Lost Takes, Zero Point, Empire Creeping,