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I'm here to be an audiobook narrator. Books are my first love and not enough people read them - but - lots of people have headphones in/speakers on at (essentially) all times. Lets you and me make a thing to get your work playing into those ears. Your story deserves it. More about me:
Voice Acting/Narration: - A Swan in Siam (Tales From the Archives: Vol 4; Steampunk), - A Gift for Boggle (Triton Experiment; SciFi Romance), - Relative Worlds' (screenplay; Science Fiction), - Expedition City (screenplay; Science Fiction), - Calamity of Crows (Tales From the Archives: Vol 11; fantasy), - An Awfully Big Adventure (The Voice of Free Planet X; SciFi) Podcasts: - MangoRicePod (host; variety), - The Shared Desk (consistent podcast guest; author lifestyle), - Square One (host; historical), - The Morning Booth (narrator; documentary) Other Related Work: - BaseTradeTV announcer 2011-2014 (founding member; competitive video gameplay analysis), - Robin Hood; Men in Tights (played Robin Hood WITH a British accent)
"Starcraft 2 Broadcaster Community Favorite; 2012" led to casting for the 2012 DreamHack conference with 50,000-360,000 live viewers

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