• Annemarie Sheridan
  • Narrator
  • Annemarie Sheridan is the founder of an ambitious startup called Pursuing Compatibility which uses a genuine and dynamic approach for strengthening relationships, dating and society. Pursuing Compatibility creates creative, entertaining and informative YouTube videos along with working on creative projects to improve society. Besides working on her startup, Annemarie has many years of work experience in education teaching English as a Second Language abroad and remotely to children and adults and works often on creative projects using the computer.
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  • Location: NV, United States
  • Website: pursuingcompatibility.godaddysites.com/about-founder
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I Can Read! Dixie Wins The Race

Category : Kids
Language : English
Gender : Female
Accent : American-General American
Vocal Style : Engaging
Performance Notes
The story of Dixie Wins the Race is presented in a vocal style that is animated, exciting and engaging for children. Based on my personal experience teaching children in education, the students get so excited and pay attention to the story more when I have presented the story in this way.

I would make an excellent narrator because I started acting when I was 6 in the local theater. In addition, I've babysat and taught children for an extended period of time which involved me making funny noises and side effects when reading stories. I have used animated voices while teaching English as a second language to my students of all ages. The educational entertainment made them laugh a lot in the classroom. In addition. I host a YouTube channel which specializes in improving dating, relationships and society. I often give the public interesting information through sharing perspectives while being entertaining and interesting. All of these experiences makes me an excellent narrator.
Multiple acting parts in plays such as Peter Pan as a chorus performer, lead clown in Clowns, chorus performer in Annie, chorus performer in Jack and the Beanstalk, chorus performer in South Pacific, Ellie in Showboat and multiple chorus parts in Little Shop of Horrors. I perform as a host on my YouTube Channel Pursuing Compatibility that provides information that is entertaining and interesting for the public.
I have multiple 5 star ratings on my facebook page of Pursuing Compatibility.