• Mary Allwright
  • Narrator
  • Mary is an experienced voice over artist and actor. She has a calm, expressive, resonant voice and is open to work in most genres.
  • Gender: Female
  • Location: California, United States
  • Website: MaryAllwright.com
  • Available for: Royalty Share or $200-$400 PFH
Gate of Souls, A Familiar's Tale

Category : Science Fiction & Fantasy
Language : English
Gender : Female
Accent : American-Western
Vocal Style : Storyteller
Performance Notes
This delightful many-layered science fantasy story required a wide range of voice styles to narrate.

Audiobook, various

Category : Classics
Language : English
Gender : Female
Accent : American-General American
Vocal Style : Engaging
Performance Notes
This is an audio book demo recorded by Edge Studio. It includes five selections: Charles Dickens' "A Tale of Two Cities, Sue Grafton's "V is for Vengeance", "Afoot and Afield in Los Angeles County", by Jerry Schad, "A Spell for Chameleon" by Piers Anthony, and "Three Cups of Tea" by Mortensen and Relin. In it, you will find a variety of styles, from dramatic (Tale) to humorous with an accent, (V), to storytelling (Spell), to factual (Afoot), and finally, a cause-oriented non-fiction (Tea).

* "Mary Allwright's voice -overs are supreme, dynamic, and versatile. Mary will bring good energy to any voice-over team." P. Reed Simmons, Producer "TAGGED" * Every time Mary spoke, I got goose bumps," theater audience member * Former radio Newscaster and radio voice talent * Voice Over talent for Voices.com * Actor. episodic TV, commercials, stage
Voice Work: Voices.com: Intelligaia Technologies Private Limited, Michelle Negrin, Tyler Schiefer Animated Short: "Tagged" Icani Productions Newscaster, voice over talent, KCKC, KBON Radio stations Narrating/Hosting: "The Lost Kingdom", "The Vagina Monologues" Television, Episodic: "My Haunted House, Chain Letter", "Diabolical Women, Dana Sue Gray", Murder Book, On Deadly Ground", "Supreme Justice", "Sex Sent Me to the ER", "Parent Match" Commercials: Bright House Cable, "Birthday Magic Surprise", Time Warner Cable "Fresh Start Recovery Services" PSA: "The Power of One" Bureau of Veteran's Affairs, "Mental Health Services", California State University, Dominguez Hills Music Video: "British Things: Weilochwoski Productions, "Almost Human", Matthew Daily Young Internet: "Elders React" (on-going), "Advice on the React Channel"(on-going), "The 8 Worst Things About Moving Back in With Your Parents", Buzzfeed Theater: "Electra", Archway Theater, JP Rapozo, "The Vagina Monologues", Cupcake Theater, Michael Pettanato, "The Lost Kingdom", Shayla Hudson-Williams, Christopher Molina, "Hot, Smart, and Deep", Second City Improv show Short Film: "12 Steps", "In-sider", "Ghost Celebrity Stories", "Therapy with a Twist", "Antique Starz", 'Committed', "Golden Carosel", "Science Fair Nightmare", "The Five Year Plan", "Miss Virginia", "Flipping 50", "Suburban Legends", "Crosswalk", "In Living Color"