• Saethon Williams
  • Voice artist for many years - now specialising audio book narration.
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: England, United Kingdom
  • Website: www.saethon.com
  • Available for: $100-$200 PFH

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Category : Science Fiction & Fantasy
Language : English
Gender : Male
Accent : British-General British
Vocal Style : Storyteller
Performance Notes

Hi, I'm a "mature" British male who can provide a range of typical British voices. From the aristocracy, á la Prince Charles, to cockney, á la Michael Caine, to suave, á la Roger Moore, and a charming rural peasant. I also do a fairly good David Attenborough and John Cleese, I've been told. I'm happy to narrate just about any genre but, I have to say, I'm not really comfortable with extreme violence nor explicit sex. It is always my policy to read a manuscript through in its entirety before starting any narration. This gives me the opportunity to clarify any 'unusual' names, places, words etc. with the author before I start. Pronunciation is a major factor in both historical and fantasy titles, soI like to "tune in" to my authors/rights-holders as quickly as possible. A little time spent at this stage saves so much later. I'm also 100% reliable and have not missed an agreed deadline yet! (Usually, I complete a project well before.)
Please refer to samples, also over 120 titles listed on Audible.com

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