Introduction - Self Development Sample

Category : Self Development
Language : English
Gender : Female
Accent : American-General American
Vocal Style : Inspirational
Performance Notes
An introduction sample for a self development book. Speaking ask the author.

Hi, I am Simply Mary, an entry-level narrator. I do have experience in live broadcast radio as a morning show host for B94 93.9FM (PA) a DJ/MC, a live entertainer and also a recording artist. Currently I am battling Breast Implant Illness and need to find new avenues. I am now working in my home studio with Pro Tools, Shure SM58 and an Appollo Twin Duo interface. I can record , narrate and produce your track to ACX specs. I am excited to work on any projects that you may have, especially projects that are documentary style, self-help, family, education or business and how to.
Profile on I also have experience in radio performances. I also do original unscripted Anchor FM Podcasts for my Ask Simply Mary series on Apple Podcasts in conjunction with my questions. For audio samples of my original work and general feel of my vocal performance you can find me here. These podcasts were not produced with Pro Tools, this is for performance reference only. Links can be found by clicking on my website below. These are streaming and distributed. Links are provided on my IMDb profile under Mary Luchini. You can find this information at the following link:

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