The Trade (The Clans Book Two)

Category : Fiction
Language : English
Gender : Female
Accent : American-General American
Vocal Style : Seductive/Sexy
Performance Notes

Hello, I am 21 years old studying Civil Engineering and minoring in Spanish at the University of Toledo. I was born and raised in Italy for about half my life so I am also fluent in Italian. I’ve been reading since I was 4 years old, as I taught myself how and I’ve always loved to read to my little sister when she was as little as I once was. I have done musical theatre since I was 12 years old, therefore I am very aware of different tones and moods and how to portray those emotion from words to life. I can also sing well if that is ever needed. When I speak, i’ve been told that there is a slight Italian accent, but not strong enough where you can pin point where I’m from. I love reading, obviously, so I hope I could help turn books into the best audiobooks they can be.
Urleen in Footloose, Moe Moe in Virgil’s Wedding

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