Angels to Beckon Me

Category : Bios & Memoirs
Language : English
Gender : Female
Accent : American-Mid-West
Vocal Style : Storyteller
Performance Notes
Retail sample from completed project, "Angels to Beckon Me" by Dorothy Judd Bradford.

Everyone has a story. At a very early age, I absorbed stories As an adult I became a storyteller. I’ve been an artist, actor, playwright, designer, political cartoonist, author, singer, songwriter, photographer, illustrator, mother, sister, and friend. Sometimes a story can written down or sculpted into a play. Sometimes it can be captured in a photograph or drawn into a cartoon or frozen in time as a painting or illustration. But sometimes, you just need to hear it from a friend. I would like to be that friend for you. My voice has been described as polished, warm, and elegant. I listen. I adapt. I respond. I can tell your story.
Acting: Going Great White (2008) film, Kiss Me Kate (1998) stage, Brigadoon (1996) stage, The Music Man (1994) stage. Production Credits: Oregon Arts Festival (2010, 2009, 2008), Lulu G. Lemery Foundation for Arts & Expression (2006-2012), 14 South Artists (2006-2008), Narnia (2004), Ten Little Idiots (2002), Guys and Dolls (1999), Jack & Jill (1999), The Velveteen Rabbit (1999) Kiss Me Kate, Snow Queen & The Goblin (1998), Willowynn3 (1997) and Sweet Dreams (1996)
Voice Critique: “A lovely mature voice with a warm, elegant style - it records nicely, and you have a polished, sophisticated tone. Terrific sound.” Will Kamp, Suchavoice

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