Sacred Waters By Lydia Michaels

Category : Romance
Language : English
Gender : Male
Accent : Irish-Dublin
Vocal Style : Warm
Performance Notes
This is the retail sample from the upcoming audiobook Sacred Waters, written by Lydia Michaels and narrated by me.

I have a pleasant speaking voice. It's naturally informal but I can sound professional or even formal if called for. I have a mild Irish accent and very clear diction. I enjoy audiobooks of many styles, but my narration style is very much that of a storyteller. I don't 'act' the story, I don't do multiple voices and accents, I simply tell the story in an engaging and emotionally appropriate style. My favourite Audiobook is Born To Run and that book is itself a good example of the style of narration I use.
I have hundreds of credits on commercials, explainer videos, and everything from short stories to video games. Narrated Sacred Waters: McCullough Mountain 1 by Lydia Michaels, Published May 2018 Narrated Butterfly Hunter by Julie Bozza, published November 2015 Co-Host of The Movie Express Podcast since 2009.
An Amazon review of my work on Julie Bozza's Butterfly Hunter: "I read this story when it was first published and I believe I used the word 'gorgeous' numerous times... for good reason. I also wished I could rate it 10 stars. It is an all time favorite story of mine. A story of self discovery - intertwined with a spectacluar setting, a dash of mysticism and strong, yet vulnerable characters. It would seem impossible for this audio version to be able to surpass such praise, but it does. The beautifully written characters of Davey and Nicholas are brought to life in a lovely, softly accented English by narrator Ray Cross. Stunning work. His delivery is stellar: understated, clear, and brimming with emotion, yet never overdone. Davey and Nicholas' appreciation of the beauty of the land, their reverence for the indigenous legends, their frank conversations, their emerging love - is nakedly evident. Seriously, I could weep for the perfection of this narration. I adored every last word, and will be listening again." Diane T

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