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  • Professionally am an Event planner and strategy consultant in fashion and entertainment industry, having experience of working many kinds of people, since 3 years now. Besides that I am studding Psychology, Finds myself a Charismatic speaker.
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How to eliminate anxiety in 4 minutes

Category : Self Development
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Accent : Indian
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A simple way to eliminate your anxiety. Side effects might include: Better sleep, more energy, vibrant health, longevity, and any other benefits you want.

Intro Autdio

Category : Arts & Entertainment
Language : English
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Accent : Asian Other
Vocal Style : Announcer
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I have recorded the very first paragraph of a book am reading right now. And I would love to read another for you. Yes, I am a beginner in this field, so may not the best professional, but I 'll always try to give my best.

Hi there, I like to play with words. I make up scenarios in my head that ould never happen and then make memes about them. I can make myself feel like a professional chef when I put hot boiling water in my Ramen. I also seem to have a delightful voice to be reading stories. Listening to our Librarian read us stories is still one of the best memories of school that I carry with myself to this day. That's what inspires me to pursue storytelling. Thanks for standing by.
Podium Speaking, Intellectual talk, Work experience in Overthinking Industry