• Steve Millikin
  • I am an experienced actor on the stage, in film, and have lent my voice to introduce personalities on an internet talk show.
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  • Location: CA,United States
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Your Sandwich

Category : Drama & Poetry
Language : English
Gender : Male
Accent : American-General American
Vocal Style : Sarcastic
Performance Notes
This bit of writing was taken from an audition monologue I wrote myself. It's an amalgam of every private complaint I've heard emergency room nurses utter about entitled drug seekers. Pride in their professionalism always precludes them from ever actually saying any of this to a patient. In some venue, it cried out to be expressed, even if only in a fictional setting.

I have a solid work ethic and am personable. I have a facility for striking the right tone for a role and I have an aptitude for accents. My voice normally rests in the tenor to baritone range. I married my Bride Becky in 2005. Together we have a daughter named Julia and a son named William. We have dogs and cats in our very alive and dynamic home. I was born in California, though I have many beloved relatives in Alabama, who I have been fortunate enough to stay with for extended periods growing up. After high school I quit further studies until I discovered the disadvantages of not having a trade or profession. I worked my way through college in construction, waiting tables and briefly driving a taxi. I majored in history and after finishing my college degree, I began studying law on my own through a correspondence program, which is a possibility in California. Although there is only a 2% success rate through this approach, I studied hard, finished my courses, passed the California Bar Exam, and was admitted to practice law. Without contacts and not having been graduated from an accredited law school I had limited prospects. I slowly built up a legal practice while supplementing my income working as a clerk in a law bookstore and as a graveyard shift proof reader for a local marketing firm. Eventually I grew a thriving practice in narrow niche of administrative law until changes in state law effectively closed that niche. At that time, my Bride had just finished nursing school, and began a career in that field so I began to look after our newborn daughter and later our son. I became Mr. Mom. As the children are getting older, I have slowly been able to take roles on stage and on screen as well as gradually lay the groundwork for a practice in a new area of law. Personally, I'd rather act in plays, in films, in television and do voice over work than perform the colorless grind of legal work. If you believe the world needs fewer lawyers and more talented actors and narrators, then by all means please do hire me to narrate your work!
On the stage I played: Butch Honeywell in Creative Arts Theater production of the "Last Days of Judas Iscariot" (2018); Robert Lambert in Theater Arts Guild's production of "Boeing Boeing" (2018) and am currently (July 2018) playing Harry Edison in StageCrafter's production of "The Prisoner of Second Avenue." In film I starred as the Catman in "Confessions of a Catman," a short subject film selected for the 2010 Lake Arrowhead Film Festival, and I am presently cast as "Brooks Duncan" in the indie film "Flight of the Sparrow" that is currently in production as of July 2018. On the internet I lent my voice to the announcer position on the women's internet talk show "Our Voices" in 2016.

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