• John Tambascio
  • Narrator
  • Voiceover artist, Video Game character actor, Narrator
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: Texas, United States
  • Website:
  • Available for: Royalty Share,Royalty Share Plus or $200-$400 PFH
Texas Badge

Category : Fiction
Language : English
Gender : Male
Accent : American-Southern
Vocal Style : Husky
Performance Notes
A Texas lawman always does the right thing regardless of the circumstances. People depend on him.

Gator Country

Category : Science Fiction & Fantasy
Language : English
Gender : Male
Accent : Canadian-English
Vocal Style : Quirky
Performance Notes
This was the story of a Canadian cowboy who meets up with two monsters after his stock truck breaks down.

Donald Trump: Lessons for Succeeding in Life and Business

Category : Bios & Memoirs
Language : English
Gender : Male
Accent : American-General American
Vocal Style : Authoritative
Performance Notes
This was a book produced on the life of Donald trump - so far.

Accomplished voice actor and narrator focused on making author's projects shine.
Voice Actor - Heroes of Newerth video game (multiple characters) Narrator - The Mustanger and The Lady by Dusty Richards Narrator - Donald Trump: Lessons for Succeeding in Life and Business by Smart Reads Narrator - Gator Country by Mel Murphy Narrator - A Bride for Gil by Dusty Richards Narrator - Cherokee Strip by Dusty Richards Narrator - Texas Badge by Dusty Richards Narrator - New Orleans Mysteries By O'Neil De Noux
Narrated the audiobook version of The Mustanger And The Lady by Dusty Richards, which won the 2017 Western Writers Association best traditional western novel and was made into a film.