James and the Giant Peach

Category : Classics
Language : English
Gender : Male
Accent : American-General American
Vocal Style : Engaging
Performance Notes
A sample from James and the Giant Peach - Chapter 6

Fresh voiced, aspiring actor with a dynamic, smooth, flexible vocal range. Attention grabbing yet subtle tonal breadth. Production and mastering experience in music and vocal work. Whether it's a perennial classic novel or non-fiction news briefing, for young and old alike, I have a broad range of topic interests that allow me to inject sonic veracity into whatever subject I approach. I really love reading classic novels, historical biographies, classic children's novels and fables, essays, opinions and news. I can perform various accents and understand the underlying mood and direction of whatever I'm reading.
Aspiring and fresh voice (with prior audio skills in music and production as well as drama production throughout childhood) with notable voice skill in a variety of outlets, seeking to build more of a portfolio. Current author samples I'm working on: Huckleberry Finn, The Master and Margarita, James and the Great Glass Elevator. Seeking to strengthen portfolio through ACX.
Other then recognition from friends, family and fellow artists who insist I take this route (not just for my voice but for acting, musical, and reading abilities), I have as of yet, no official accolades. I enjoy this process, reading, acting, singing, and making music, so perhaps in following this path the awards will be forthcoming.

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