Benjamin Franklin-An American Life-Sample

Category : Bios & Memoirs
Language : English
Gender : Female
Accent : American-General American
Vocal Style : Articulate
Performance Notes
The first two pages of a biography of Benjamin Franklin. In my humble opinion, a female voice is the best for material like this. I read in my most upbeat, cheery and articulate voice. There are some really LONG sentences and you definitely need to have the right inflection to keep it all from running together.

The Velveteen Rabbit-Sample

Category : Kids
Language : English
Gender : Female
Accent : American-Southern
Vocal Style : Storyteller
Performance Notes
This is the first five minutes of me reading one of my favorite books as a child as articulately as possible with expression. I do not think I have a very strong Southern accent at all, but have been told by some northern friends that I do. I'm new at this so I am hesitant to label my accent as American-General American until I get some feedback. Thank you for listening!

For over 12 years I've sold complex cybersecurity solutions to C-level executives at large enterprises throughout the Southeast. Most salespeople agree that getting that initial meeting is the biggest hurdle. Even today, it still requires at least one uncomfortable phone call. For me, that part has always been relatively painless. Many of my prospects that became clients told me that the only reason they took the first meeting with me was my voice on the phone. I have not produced an audiobook (yet) but have been presenting to boardrooms of executives for the last 12 years. I grew up acting in plays, musicals, dance recitals and cheered through college at MTSU. Member of my sorority All-Sing team that won every year because prepared for this like it was a Broadway play while keeping the theme a secret like we were the CIA (utterly ridiculous). It was incredibly fun. I think these are significant experiences that are extremely relevant to audio narration because you have to know how to control your voice to sing while dancing or flipping in a 3-minute-long anaerobic cheerleading routine. I was searching for careers where speed reading and comprehension are an asset, found a blog and it led me here. I read somewhere around 500 wpm when reading silently to myself and comprehend at least 85% of it. I got a perfect score on my ACT in the reading comprehension without feeling rushed. I credit this to the insanely strict school i attended where I was reading by age 3. If your hand gets slapped with a ruler when you make a mistake reading aloud, it is amazing how quickly you pick it up. I thought everyone could read like that until I attended a normal school. :) I devoured books faster than my parents could buy them. I ran through the Babysitter's Club so fast I had no choice but to read to my stepdad's Tom Clancy and Stephen King before I could really understand them. I feel like an obnoxious jerk bragging about this, but it will help me produce a book much faster than the average bear! To balance it out, I got a 13 on the ACT in Math. Stellar work. I despise Math and needed a tutor to get a B in college Algebra. I cried my way through the 3rd grade due to long division. So one side of my brain is exceptional and the other just can't be bothered.:) I grew up on Nashville television sets with my make-up artist mom and camera-man dad and learned early on that making extra noise while cameras are rolling will make you a very unpopular person in the studio. Nobody wants to be that guy. My mother did now allow us to use bad grammar in her house and succeeded in raising me right outside of Nashville with only a slight southern twang that I can mute if needed. I was also a Recording Industry major and graduate at MTSU with an emphasis on Music Business, but I did learn my way around the studio as well. I would really appreciate the opportunity to read your books and bring your characters to life. Thank you for considering me!
Performed in the following plays/musicals with the Robertson County Players in Springfield, TN: ∙ The Wizard of Oz ∙ Oklahoma ∙ The Music Man Other Credits: ∙ The Nutcracker Ballet in Nashville (a small part in the ballet corp when I was 10...dancing Chef) ∙ Toyota Commercial when I was 11 ∙ Appearances on Hee-Haw several times as a child. They would put my two sisters and I in shows when they needed kids because we were always at the studio with our parents in the summer. There was a backdoor from the Hee-Haw set into the Opryland theme park. ∙ Hundreds of presentations on cybersecurity products over the past 12 years including speaking slots at a couple of conferences to over 300 people. There's more to this but all I can recall at the moment.
Social Media: Since I am brand new at this I've included all of my social media profiles, just so you can see that I am who I say I am. I'm just starting my blog today so I will include that when it's presentable. The sales career I've had for the last 12 years has not allowed much time for things like writing for fun or any outside interests besides getting enough sleep to keep going.:) LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest: WordPress:

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