• Louise Ashcroft
  • Narrator
  • BRIGHT, WARM, ARTICULATE: Heartening with a touch of sass. Professional actor and narrator
  • Gender: Female
  • Location: [UK] England, United Kingdom
  • Website: www.louiseashcroft.com
  • Available for: Royalty Share,Royalty Share Plus or $100-$200 PFH
Poem: Long Distance II - British Northern

Category : Literature & Fiction
Language : English
Gender : Female
Accent : British-Northern English
Vocal Style : Straightforward
Performance Notes
Long Distance II by Tony Harrison is part-poem, part-love letter. A woman reflects on her mother's death. With quiet truths and gentle disbeliefs, she tries to find her way through.

Hello. Thanks so much for stopping by. I am a British actor, singer, narrator. Born in Liverpool, brought up on the Isle of Man, I have lived most of my adult life in London. Recently, I moved to Somerset where I am enjoying wide-open skies. With all this living around the UK, you might be wondering as to my accent. It is relaxed RP. I have been performing for twenty years and for the last ten years, I have increasingly worked in audio across a variety of genres and mediums, from narrating audiobooks to reading poetry for BBC Radio 4. When it comes to my body of work, audience and reviewers often talk about the same thing. Audiences tell me that I lovingly create characters, reviewers talk about how I bring characters to life. Some organisations have called my work extraordinary. There is a freshness to my voice. A playfulness and earnestness. It also contains a smile which I can easily dial up or down. My natural speaking voice is relaxed RP, but in the blink of an eye, I can quickly dive into Liverpool and general Northern as well as other regional British accents. I bring to an audio project the skills of an actor and classical musician. When I observe the world around me, I hear it first. This approach results in nuanced reads full of detailed characterisation and emotional truths. I have a particular skill in bringing poetry to life. And whilst I love fiction and non-fiction alike, I am best suited to non-fiction that requires some character, comedy or reassurance. I also confess a longing to narrate a cosy murder mystery - for when not in pursuit of a well-frothed latte, I cultivate my crush on Hercule Poirot and follow the adventures of Stephanie Plum. Collaborative and curious, I pursue excellence with good cheer and I am always ready to listen. If you are interested in collaborating on an audio project, please do message me your hellos. To happy and bold adventures, Louise
Audio credits include: An Earl's Court Miscellany for the Finborough Theatre, London The Dragon, The Princess and the Wizard, Lee Brickley/Audible, 5 stars Time was away and somewhere else, Victoria Gallery and Museum Tongue and Talk: The Dialect Poets, BBC Radio 4 Extraordinary: The Life of John Butterworth, Wild Geese Productions Collaborative Consumption, NESTA
PRESS: Brought to life by Louise Ashcroft getting into role admirably; Glyn Mon Hughes, Daily Post Romeo and Juliet opened to the outstanding Louise Ashcroft; Mike Sadler, BBC Lovingly read and performed; Barbara Lewis, LondonGrip The extraordinary Louise Ashcroft; Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra