• Louise Ashcroft
  • Narrator
  • Louise is a London-based British voiceover artist with 5 years of experience. Over this time, she has voiced across a variety of genres and mediums, from poetry readings for BBC Radio 4 through to world changing ideas for NESTA. A classical singer and actor who has been described as ‘extraordinary', her musicianship and storytelling skills produce a nuanced read and she has the ability to dial up or down the smile in her voice. Bringing a believability and a freshness to her work, Louise brings stories to life and pursues excellence with good cheer.
  • Gender: Female
  • Location: [UK] England, United Kingdom
  • Website: www.louiseashcroft.com
  • Available for: Royalty Share,Royalty Share Plus or $100-$200 PFH
Fiction and Non-Fiction

Category : Arts & Entertainment
Language : English
Gender : Female
Accent : British-General British
Vocal Style : Engaging
Performance Notes
Straight Talking: A curation of fiction and non-fiction to help you find your way in an unreal world. Extracts include: Inner Engineering, New Season, What Would Boudica Do, If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things. Accents include RP, Liverpool, Northern and General American.

Hello. I’m Louise. A British actor, singer, narrator. I was born in Liverpool and brought up on the Isle of Man. These days I’m based in London where my natural speaking voice is British RP, but in the blink of an eye, I can quickly dive into Liverpool and Lancashire. I perform widely in opera, recital, music-theatre, theatre, tv, film and audio. I work with leading orchestras, ensembles and collaborators like the BBC, ITV, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, V&A and the Royal Academy. I’ve been performing for twenty years and for the last five years, I’ve been increasingly working in audio; reading poetry for BBC Radio 4, sharing ideas for NESTA and bringing stories to life for the Victoria Gallery and Museum. I can often be found in the continual pursuit of a well-frothed latte. I’ve a lively intelligence, an infectious laugh and I’m always ready to listen. I will bring to a project cosy articulation, playfulness and believability.
Audio credits include: Time was away and somewhere else, Victoria Gallery and Museum Tongue and Talk: The Dialect Poets, BBC Radio 4 Extraordinary: The Life of John Butterworth, Wild Geese Productions Collaborative Consumption, NESTA
“Brought to life by Louise Ashcroft getting into role admirably” Glyn Mon Hughes, Daily Post “Romeo and Juliet opened to the outstanding Louise Ashcroft” Mike Sadler, BBC