The Transit of Mars

The Transit of Mars

By Alp Mortal

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3.4 hours

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Book format. Too narrow.
Chambers is 40, Jason is 19; the cliché or love at first sight? The latter but the world doesn't believe in miracles. They meet at the gym and through getting Jason to model for a photograph to grace the cover of a novel which Chambers is publishing, Jason gets a modelling contract and the world appears to be at his feet. Chambers knows that the key to a long-lasting relationship is...

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  British-General British
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 Mar 08 2016
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Published by:
 The Carter Seagrove Project LLC
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4.0 (1 ratings)

Comments from the Rights Holder:

There are a number of principal voices in this story - Chambers 40, educated, publisher, London resident. Jason 19, aspiring model and fitness fanatic, west Londoner, slightly 'old before his time' - sometimes cheeky. There are supporting characters, largely Jason's immediate family - mixture of male and female, ranging in age from early teens to late twenties.

The Transit of Mars is a gay romantic story of approximately 31000 words - est 3 hours and 40 mins FCH, which will be the 5th audiobook produced by The Carter Seagrove Project - all previously produced audiobooks are selling reasonably well. The Transit of Mars will be the longest audiobook to date, and we hope more popular for that reason. The title will be promoted via our website (1000 unique visitors per week), blog, twitter account (we have +11k followers) and Facebook account (we have +470 friends).

The Transit of Mars is being offered on an exclusive ACX royalty share basis; we are looking for a producer who is willing and able to shoulder some of the marketing effort. We expect to produce more audiobooks this way in the future - it may therefore appeal to someone who is breaking into the business and seeking to build a portfolio of work.