Astrid Darby and the Eye of Ra (Astrid Darby Adventures)

Astrid Darby and the Eye of Ra (Astrid Darby Adventures)

By Eleanor Prophet

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It is a time of steam technology, scientific innovation and quietly simmering political tension. Having lost her husband to the dangerous life of an adventurer and the hazards of hot air balloon travel and murderous mercenaries, Astrid Darby has found herself alone in the world, aside from her motley assortment of eccentric associates, mad scientists, cheeky Ministry of Defence agents, and her...

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  Science Fiction & Fantasy
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  British-General British
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Date posted to ACX:
 Apr 15 2015
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Published by:
 Diogenes Club Press
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5.0 (1 ratings)

Comments from the Rights Holder:

 An exciting, elegantly crafted and occasionally farcical Victorian Steampunk-style adventure novel written in first person. The narrating character is charming and cheeky, and much of the dialogue is fast-paced and witty. There are a number of colorful characters with very distinct voices and personalities. This book is the first in a series, which when completed will include more than six books, including one novella. 

The author is active on social networks and is attempting to build a solid fan base. Interest in this series is fueled by a recent re-release with new covers and a Twitter account with amusing tweets by the main character, Astrid Darby.