Dralin (Dralin Trilogy Book 1)

Dralin (Dralin Trilogy Book 1)

By John H. Carroll

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There are many cities in the world of Ryallon that know the touch of despair and evil, but none like Dralin. Towers of wizards rise high into the air, shrouded in the mists of magical smog. Poor sleep in the alleyways, becoming deformed by pollution. Life is short for many.Throughout all of it, the cunning and dangerous members of the City Guard do their best to keep evil and crime from...

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 Dec 01 2014
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3.8 (35 ratings)

Comments from the Rights Holder:

"Dralin" is the first book in the Dralin Trilogy. Over 15,000 ebook copies have been given away on Amazon, iTunes and other stores. The other two books in the trilogy, "Ebudae" and "Pelya" have also been published, each selling over a thousand copies. They are young adult fantasy, free of swearing and sex, though there are some fade-to-black scenes. Each book is approximately 100k words long. This trilogy is part of the Ryallon series, of which 8 books have been published and others are in the works.

I have been self-published for 4 years and have established marketing including a mailing list. I will work on marketing the audio book in specific markets for audio listeners. I expect a percentage of the sales may come from Amazon's Whispersync at the lower prices they request for that, so that should be taken into consideration.

The Dralin Trilogy is filled with dialog and action. The primary characters are Pelya and Ebudae, who are 11 in "Dralin", 16 in "Ebudae" and 19 in "Pelya". In Dralin, the first 9 chapters are about Frath and Sheela. The rest is about Pelya and Ebudae, 11 year old girls. Neither Pelya nor Ebudae have any romantic interests in the books. These are action/adventure fantasy.

Frath is a member of the city guard. He's tall, strong and dangerous, but he cares about the city. His voice is deep but kind.

Sheela is a penniless young woman entering a dangerous city. Her life has been difficult, but she holds her head high in spite of a bleak future.

Pelya is a young girl who has been raised in the city guard and is proficient with a sword. She always tries to do what's right.

Ebudae is a young girl who plays with magic and finds death fascinating. She's a bit scary to be honest.

There is also a female dragon searching for her missing child. A variety of minor characters are also included.