Take Charge of Your Diabetes: A diabetes book that describes a completely new approach to treat diabetes.

Take Charge of Your Diabetes: A diabetes book that describes a completely new approach to treat diabetes.

By MD Sarfraz Zaidi

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Book format. Too narrow.
Though not all physicians are aware of the scientific advances that prove it, most diabetics can now avoid insulin injections and prevent or reverse the deadly complications of their disease. The key is treating the root problem-insulin resistance-instead of focusing on controlling blood sugar levels, an outdated practice that puts patients at greater risk for heart attack and stroke. Take Charge...

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  Health & Fitness
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  American-General American
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 Oct 13 2012
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 Da Capo Press
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4.5 (21 ratings)

Comments from the Rights Holder:

This exciting book was released in 2007 by the traditional publisher, Da Capo and has done very well. Thousands of copies have been sold. I have received diabetic patients from all over the country after the book got released.

Fortunately I own the audiobook rights. I have been thinking about it.

Its' time to do that now.