Jessica's Challenge (Puatera Online Book 5)

Jessica's Challenge (Puatera Online Book 5)

By Dawn Chapman

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3.5 hours

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Book format. Too narrow.
With her future decided, 18 year old Jessica and her sisters sneak off for one last night of fun. Breaking into their mother's lab the three of them are thrust into the glitchy online world of Puatera.

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  Science Fiction & Fantasy
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  Young Adult
  American-General American
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 Apr 15 2018
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Comments from the Rights Holder:

This is part of an ongoing series, there are 4 books before this, I'm looking for a different narrator for each section because the characters are so vastly different.

Andrea Parsneau narrated the first 3, now also box set.
Annelise Rennis is narrating Akillia's Reign, (full novel)
? for the Magic Sequence - 3 books Jessica's Challenge, Dahlia's Shadow, and Lila's Revenge.
War for Maicreol - Last in this set narrated by Andrea again.

Least this is the plan.

Looking for a narrator who can ideally do the 3 short books, (30kish each) and then we can box set it like the first set. The series is going well and the audio does push all sales.

Thanks for auditioning. :)