Show Her

Show Her

By T. L. Curtis

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Book format. Too narrow.
She will not accept what she cannot change. Erika is the perfect woman in 2090 Louisville, Kentucky. She is obedient, flawlessly beautiful, married to the wealthiest man in the region, and has even built a business on showing others how to live a life like her own. After ten years of marriage and turning a personal trauma into a blessing for herself, she is the happiest she has ever been. ...

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  Mysteries & Thrillers
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 Jun 04 2017
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 CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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Comments from the Rights Holder:

I'm gradually digging up, dusting off, editing, and publishing things I've been writing, but too anxious to publish, over the past three decades. Both of the books I have out hold steady at over 4 stars on Amazon.

I will need someone who can voice multiple, distinctive characters. There's a third-person narrator along with 14 characters. 4 central characters: Erika, Khaled (her husband), Victor (her ex-boyfriend and current co-worker), and Alice (her neighbor). 4 supporting characters who have more than one speaking scene: Bryan (Alice's husband), Chief Sedayo (Victor's 2nd employer), Ama (the mayor's wife), and Mayor Kater himself. The other characters with single scenes are Erika's father, two of Erika's young students, Khaled's first mistress, Victor's mother, and a nurse.

Because there are thoughts revealed to the reader throughout the piece, I've found it helpful to mark these thoughts with some kind of slight sound distortion such as reverberation or at least say "Erika thought" before stating the thought.

Erika does not use contractions and will sound fairly robotic throughout, except when all her plans finally prove futile in the end. At this point, she is breaking down mentally and must scream tearfully. If that could actually happen, instead of everything she says sounding like normal speech, that would be great as well.

I'd love to see this book not so much 'read' as 'performed.'

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